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No One Does

Firm Foundations

There are many things that you need to know and think about if you want to initiate and maintain positive interfaith relations in your local area.

Clearly you need to know whether the foundation beliefs that are motivating the desire to construct interfaith relations are sound enough to support the enterprise.

This page and its linked resources may help you and the community to which you belong, carry out this assessment.

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The level of respect and friendliness that we offer our neighbours may be judged by the quality of our conversations.

When thoughtful conversations take place between religious neighbours, opportunities arise for multifaith religious observances, shared educational programs and cooperative community service projects.

The resources in this section are designed to help religious groups retain high levels of respect for one another as interfaith relations expand and mature.

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Religious groups are not the only people who organise events in which representatives of different religions take part.

In multicultural societies many public events include multifaith components.

Religious communities have a responsibility to contribute to the planning and presentation of such events.

Interfaith activities are the primary responsibility of religious groups who share a commitment to the task of establishing and maintaining respectful and friendly relationships.

This page and its linked resources highlight some broad principles to be applied when organizing both multifaith and interfaith events.

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Regular involvement in interfaith activities can result in:

  • Learning something new about your own and some other religions
  • Questioning some of your ideas about people who belong to another religion
  • Discovering things about your own and others’ religion that concern, trouble, anger or appal you
  • Gaining a greater understanding of the strengths, frailties, abilities and limitations of being human
  • Finding one or two new friends with similar interests
  • Getting involved in some local, national or international interfaith project
  • Helping to foster a just and equitable spirit of peace and harmony among all people
  • Making contact with and receiving news from people fostering interfaith relations in another country