Form Relationships

Dreaming the Impossible Dream.

 People committed to interfaith relations are following an impossible dream.  They are motivated by an unattainable vision.  In response to this dream and vision they are driven by a never to be fulfilled desire to demonstrate what they believe life on this planet can and ought to be.  But that is what religion is all about!

 The interfaith dream is of a world in which all people (7 billion of us!) celebrate their own unique personal, national, ethnic and religious identity while at the same time gaining new insights, strength, energy and hope from maintaining close relationships with those who share the dream but follow a different religious path.

 If no one does…..

 At the head of this site, on our HOME page, you will see the slogan

 “If no one does…No one does.” 

We hope that this catchy saying will evoke a range of interpretations and applications from you.

At this point we use it to suggest that unless a significant number of individuals embrace the interfaith dream there will be no real evidence of the substance of the dream taking root and growing in communities around the world.


The gift of life……..

 While the interfaith dream of an ideal world is inescapably personal, its translation into real life cannot be merely individualistic.  One of the most fundamental characteristics of human nature is that it only exists in and through interdependent relationships with other human beings.

 The gift of life

is given to us by others;

is sustained by others;

is enriched by others; and

is passed on to others.

 Somewhere over the………

 The interfaith dream of diverse groups of people living together in communities that are free from all forms of misunderstanding, discrimination, injustice, hatred and violence is not going to be attained in our lifetime.  Its full realisation lies somewhere far into the future.