Organise Activities

  • Claims of superior faith and creed, can make us demonise and hate. Suspicion of others' words and deeds, wounds our need to communicate.


 There are many dreams and nightmares circulating among the population of this planet about what it means to be human and what is desirable and perhaps necessary human behaviour.  Many of these nightmarish visions are diametrically opposed to the interfaith dream of a world where ethnic, religious and civilisational peace and harmony are the default mode of human self-understanding and behavoural patterns.

 Let us take a leaf out of the popular media’s book and use stark headlines to highlight activities that undermine efforts to translate the interfaith dream into reality.

Interfaith activities at a local, national and international level are a counterforce to these kinds of activities becoming the major influences shaping our contemporary history and our belief in what kind of creatures we are.

Organisers of interfaith activities need to maximise their efforts to see a different set of headlines finding a place in as many modern means of communication as possible.