Annual Report 2018


Interfaith relations and activities can only occur in countries where religious freedom is firmly established in both culture and constitution.  Australia is obviously one such country and our North Brisbane Interfaith Group (NBIG) is a local testimony to this fact.

 Our email listing, numbers around 220 and these people identify with Baha’i, Buddhist; Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh religions plus a few others who have not specified any religious affiliation.  We also have a small number of interfaith enthusiasts in other countries on our listing.

 We of course are not the only active interfaith group functioning in Brisbane or across Queensland – let alone Australia and the World.  However it is with pleasure that we note one of the more recent additions to the company of interfaith groups in our near neighbourhood.  On Friday 10th August 2018 a number of us joined a large group of people for the opening of The Abbey Multi-Faith and Cultural Dialogue Centre at The Abbey Church at St. Michaels, situated off the Bribie Island Road.  Peter Hoppe has, for some time, been a very active advocate for this venture.  He is its first Director and assures us that he will keep us informed of its various programs and activities.

 Our one NBIG public event in 2018 was held on Sunday evening 29 July 2018 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Bracken Ridge Chapel.  Approximately 150 people attended.  The theme for the evening was SACRED TEXTS - IN 4 RELIGIONS.  Following refreshments the program was opened by an Acknowledgement of Country by David Miller; Murri Ministries; a Christian Prayer by Rev Sandra Jebb; Aspley Uniting Church and a Hindu Prayer by Surendra Prasad; Hindu Community.  Lou Ziesel, President, Brisbane North Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints welcomed everyone and introduced the Bracken Ridge Mormon Chapel choir who gave two items.  Very colourful displays of the Sacred Texts of the Mormon, Sikh, Baha’i, and Jewish Faiths were mounted at the front of the Chapel and representatives from each religion explained the significance and use of these texts in worship, study and private devotions.  Each of the presenters responded to questions from the audience after each presentation.

 I look forward to 2019 and to sharing with you in many interfaith activities across Brisbane and beyond.


As usual this Annual Report is submitted to all members of the North Brisbane Interfaith Group (NBIG) and to the Annual Meeting of the Congregation of the Aspley Uniting Church where we are based and where most of our public interfaith events are held.  The report is also posted on our website


Garth Read, Coordinator

North Brisbane Interfaith Group

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