Partners in Friendship and Common Cause


Over the last few years Rev. (Rtd.) Garth Read, Coordinator, North Brisbane Interfaith Group (NBIG), Queensland, Australia and Imam Syed Muhammad Zakaria, President, Ulama Council for Interfaith Dialogue (UICD), Faisalabad, Pakistan have become friends and colleagues through their involvement in the wider interfaith movement.

Imam Zakaria has made several visits to Brisbane and has shared in interfaith acticities at Aspley, Cleveland and the Multi Faith Centre at Griffith University.  He has also visited other Australian States during these times.

During Zakaria's visit to Brisbane in 2012 he and Garth discussed ways in which they might formalise the growing relationship between the UCID and the NBIG.  In August 2012 after several exchanges of emails and with the blessing of their respective memberships they agreed on a form of words that acknowledged this partnership arrangement,  (See the RESOURCES under Form Relationships.)

The hope and vision embedded in this agreement envisages a time when people from different religions and countries will come to see each other more as family and neighbours thane as foreigners and strangers.  Any sustainable translation of this vision into reality depends on how deeply we feel our common humanity while at the same time embracing those cultural and religious differences that also help define our identities and commitments.

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