Partners in Friendship


The North Brisbane Interfaith Group (NBIG), Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the Ulama Council for Interfaith Dialogue (UCID), Faisalabad, Pakistan, have agreed to recognise their relationship as a partnership of friendship and common cause.

As the name suggests this informal arrangement recognises friendships formed over recent years between members of the NBIG and Imam Syed Muhammad Zakaria, President, of the Ulama Council for Interfaith Dialogue (UCID).  It also recognises our awareness that we share a commitment to the global cause of interfaith dialogue.

We recognise that this is the first partnership of this kind that either group has entered into.  However, we also recognise that both groups may, in the future, invite other interfaith groups to identify with us in this manner.

It is not clear what direct benefits might flow from this.  In the meantime we will each acknowledge the arrangement in our respective letterheads and other formal communications, eg web sites and blogs.  We will regularly exchange information about each other's activities relating to interfaith relations in our own countries and situations.

                 Rev (Rtd.) Garth Read                                Imam Syed Muhammad Zakaria

Coordinator,                               President,  

                      North Brisbane Interfaith Group                               Ulama Council for Interfaith Dialogue


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