School Chaplain and student meet after 40 years at Interfaith Conference


In the early 1970's Garth Read was chaplain at the Brisbane Boys' College in Queensland, Australia.  At this same time Andrew Dutney was a lower secondary school student at the school.

 As part of the  "Religious Education" program Garth organised excursions to various religious communities and institutions.  Included in these excursions was a visit to the Holland Park Mosque on a Friday for Jumma Prayer.

In April 2013 Garth and Andrew met again for the first time since they left BBC over 40 years ago.

This occurred at the Al-Faisal College, Auburn, Sydney, Australia.  On this occasion  15 Uniting Church ministers from different Australian States spent a day in discussion with 15 leading Muslin Imams and scholars.

The discussions centered around the theme: To Love God, To Love Neighbors and to Love Australia.

This time, Andrew as the National President of the Uniting Church in Australia led the Uniting Church ministers and Garth was a participating friend and colleague.




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